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1) The Progenitors: John and Martha Hallowes
2) The First Generation of Descent
3) The Second Generation of Descent
4) The Third Generation of Descent
5) The Fourth Generation of Descent
6) The Fifth Generation of Descent
7) The Sixth Generation of Descent
8) The Seventh Generation of Descent

Page 1: The Progenitors - John and Martha Hallowes

1) Compiler's Introduction
2) The Origins of the Hallowes Family of Derbyshire.
3) The Life of John Hallowes.
4) John Hallowes' first marriage.
5) The Life of his second wife Martha Louisa Fatio
6) Martha Fatio's first Husband, George Bruere.
7) The Children of John and Martha Louisa Hallowes
8) The ancestors of John Hallowes.
9) The ancestors of Martha Louisa Fatio.
10) The Plantagenet Descent of the Hallowes Family.
11) Documentation.

2) The First Generation of Descent

[A] Francis Hallowes 1789-1869
[B] Juliana Pratt, later Booth, née Hallowes 1790-1881
[C] John Edward Hallowes 1791-1883
[D] Thomas Hallowes 1796-1864
[E] Miller Hallowes 1799-1877
[F] Price Blackwood Hallowes 1801-1882
[G] William Hallowes 1802-1890
[H] Keith Claringbold Hamilton Hallowes 1805-1870

3) The Second Generation of Descent

Surnames on the Index for Page Three are:
Addison/ Berry/ Bond/ Dancy/ Freese/ Hallowes/ Kirwan Ward/ Knight/ Lewis/ Low/ Mitchel/ Monsarrat/ Pratt/ Vaughan/ Walker/

4) The Third Generation of Descent

Surnames on the Index for Page Four are:
Addison/ Baiss/ Berry/ Bond(U.K.)/ Bond (U.S.A.)/ Brodie/ Carnegie/ Carnes/ Chace/ Colville/ Compton/ Crosset/ Dancy/ Davis/ De Saussure/ Douglas/ Downes/ Drysdale/ Egerton/ Evans/ Fairbairn/ Ferrier/ Field/ Foot/ Ganahl/ Gedge/ Gorham/ Griffith/ Hallowes/ Hampton/ Handley/ Hardy/ Hargreaves/ Johnston/ Johnson/ Johnston/ Kirwan Ward/ Laurence/ Lewis/ Lister/ Lloyd/ Male/ Mather-Jackson/ Monsarrat/ Northesk/ Richards/ Robinson/ Robinson (South Africa)/ Parker/ Pratt/ Schilling/ Stenning/ Tabuteau/ Tatham/ Unwin/ Vaughan/ Waddell/ Walters/ Ward/ Waring/ Welby/ West-Watson/ Wilson/

5) The Fourth Generation of Descent

Surnames on the Index for Page Five are:
Adams/ Addison/ Armitage/ Armstrong/ Ashley/ Baiss/ Ballard/ Bennett/ Boileau/ Bonham-Carter/ Bond/ Bower/ Brown/ Bucknall/ Butler/ Button/ Buxton/ Carnegie/ Chace/ Clayton/ Cleaver/ Clothier/ Colvile/ Crossett/ Davies/ Davis/ Dimbleby/ Douglas/ Drysdale/ Edwards/ Ellis/ Fairbairn/ Ferrier/ Field/ Fleming/ Fulton/ Gillis/ Grant/ Griffin/ Hallowes/ Hammat/ Hampton/ Hargreaves/ Harper/ Harrison/ Humphry/ Hunt/ Jackson/ Kirwan Ward/ Kidd/ Leonard/ Lane/ Lester (New Zealand)/ Lester (South Africa)/ Lister/ Lloyd/ Lloyd-Phillips/ Lovett/ Lundholm/ Lundquist/ Lynch/ Magahey/ Mahon/ Manley/ Maver/ Monsarrat/ Nichols/ Northesk/ Noyes/ Parker/ PEGRAM/ Pellew-Harvey/ Pomeroy/ Powell/ Proctor/ Robinson/ Sims/ Spry/ Stenning/ Stein/ Sumerling/ Tabuteau/ Tapley/ Tighe/ Turner/ Unwin/ Valentine/ Vaughan/ Wall/ Ward/ Waring/ Waterhouse/ Webb/ West-Watson/ Whitehead/ Wilson (U.K.)/ Wilson(U.S.A.)/ Woodward/

6) The Fifth Generation of Descent

Surnames on the Index for Page Six are:
Addison/ Armstrong/ Baxendell/ Benger/ Bishop/ Blagg/ Blann/ Boileau/ Bolt/ Bower/ Brown/ Bryan/ Bump/ Bulwa/ Burgess/ Burton/ Cassells/ Castle/ Caswell/ Clark/ Cleaver/ Colvile/ Cook/ Dimbleby/ Duckitt/ Drysdale/ Ferrier/ Ford/ Fowler/ Freed/ George/ Gooden/ Gore/ Gould/ Grant/ Green/ Greer/ Griffiths/ Hall/ Hallowes/ Haynes/ Henderson/ Hugo/ Humphry/ Hunt/ Hunter/ Hunyor/ Hyde/ Lampley/ Leonard/ Lester (New Zealand)/ Lester (South Africa)/ Lewis/ Lilly/ Lloyd-Philipps/ Lovett/ Lundholm/ Lundquist/ MacDonald/ MacMahon/ McNeill/ Maggs/ Matthews/ Mallison/ Manson/ Miller/ Mohamed/ Monsarrat/ More O'Ferrall/ Morgan/ Morris/ Morriss/ Morton/ Musulin von Gomirje/ Neal/ Neifert/ Neilson/ Noyes/ O'Shea/ Pearson/ Pellew-Harvey/ Petersen/ Popham/ Powell/ Proctor/ Quistgard/ Raikes/ Rawle/ Reid/ Riley/ Ritchie/ Robinson/ Robson/ Rochford/ Schultz/ Sclater/ Sims/ Smith/ Spotswood/ Stein/ Stewart/ Strever/ Sumerling/ Unwin/ Van Heerden/ Vaughan/ Vine/ von Rensburg/ Wall/ Ward/ Waring/ Webb/ West/ West-Watson/ Wilson/ Windeler/ Withinshaw/ Woodward/

7) The Sixth Generation of Descent

Surnames on the Index for Page Seven are:
Aalto/ Adams/ Addison/ Allen/ Amira/ Armstrong/ Aucutt/ Barlay/ Basualdo/ Berry/ Birkett/ Bishop/ Boudette/ Braund/ Cassells/ Caswell/ Clark/ Coles/ Craggs/ Derringer/ Donaldson/ Dragland/ Ellis/ Filsinger/ Fowler/ Fraser/ Gooden/ Gould/ Green/ Greer/ Griffiths/ Guichard/ Hallas/ Hallowes/ Hayes/ Henderson/ Hird/ Hodgson/ Hubberstey/ Hunyor/ Hyde/ Ivings/ Kachuk/ Kercher/ Lester/ Lilly/ Lively/ Lowe/ Maggs/ Miller/ Monsarrat/ Morgan/ Morton/ Moss/ Neal/ Niemandt/ O'Shea/ Pearson/ Pellew-Harvey/ Perkins/ Petersen/ Peterson/ Pryor/ Raikes/ Rawle/ Read/ Reid/ Riley/ Robinson/ Rochford/ Rooney/ Sclater/ Self/ Seymour/ Sharlow/ Shea/ Simon/ Sims/ Smith/ Strever/ Swiss/ Sykes/ Taylor/ Thomas/ Troke/ van Veenendaal/ Vine/ Voller/ Wagg/ Wall/ Waring/

8) The Seventh Generation of Descent

Surnames on the Index for Page Eight are:
Allen/ Berry/ Clarkson/ Cameron/ Castle/ Crook/ Dragland/ Fior/ Ford/ Hallowes/ Hill/ Hird/ Hubberstey/ Izbelle/ Kercher/ Lessing/ Lively/ McElroy/ Mullin/ Penney/ Robinson/ Roblin/ Sclater Zarowny/

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