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  Thomas S. Bond Jnr. was born at Savannah, Georgia, 24th. November 1913, and educated at Svannah and at the Georgia Institute of Technology. On the 19th. July 1937 he joined the Officers Reserve Corps and was commissioned as 2nd. Lieut. in the U.S. Army Signals Corps. He was called to Active Duty 1/11/1940.
  He first served at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, until March 1942, when he transferred to Drew Field, Florida. In September of the same year he went to ETOUSA as a Communications Staff Officer, later C.O. of the 561st Signal Aircrarft Warning Bn., taking part in the campaigns in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Rome-Arno, the Appenines and the Po Valley, until repatriation in September 1945,
  During this active service he received the following promotions: Lieut., 1/11/1940; Regular Army Lieut., 24/11/1941; Captain, 1/2/1942; Major 27/9/1943; temp. Lt. Col, Army Air Forces. 17/5/1945. His decorations were: The American Defense Ribbon; E.A.M.E. Ribbon with 5 Battle Stars and Bronze Arrowhead, The American Theatre Medal and the WW2 Victory Medal.
  On returning to the USA he was first posted to Orlando AFB from Nov. 1945 to June 1954. When the US Air Force was established as a seperate branch of the Armed Forces in April 1948 he transferred to the new force and his rank was substantiated 1/7/1948. On 19/1/1951 he was promoted Acting Colonel and this rank was substantiated 2/7/1954.
  During 1948 he was one of a group of technicians who were officially commended for successfully completing climactic tests on newly devised electronic speech secrecy equipment (1st June - 29th. Oct) at the Air Proving Ground at Elgin AFB, Florida. Earlier, he was one of a team simmillarly commended for tests involving the full scale ditching of a B.17 at the same base. Following this he took the Air Communications Staff Officers Course and Regular Course AC & SS., at the Air University.
  In July 1949 he was appointed Chief of the Logistics Section, Communications and Electronics Division of the USAF Special Staff School at the Air University. In January 1951 he joined the the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff (Material), HQ, USAF; while there he received a commendation from the Director of Maintenance Enginering for his excellent organisational ability in recognising and effecting solutions to major problems in that field. 9/9/1954 he became Director of Communications Systems in the office of the Asst. Chief of Staff for Communications, HQ 12 AF.
  On 22/1/1955 he was appointed OC 501st. Tactical Control Group. The 501st. TCG merged with the 526th. and he then commanded (1/7/1955) the Tactical Control Wing (Provisional), being responsible for operation and maintenance of the Tactical Control System in the 12th. AF Area.
  He married, 15/4/1937, at Savannah, Georgia, Rubye, b. Paducah, Kentucky, d. of Thace Ricks of Paducah and his wife Estelle, d. of Charles Humphries of Canton, Kentucky. They had no children.
  (Dr. Wilson's material does not continue after 1955.)

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