Naval Career (to c. 1956)

27/9/1927, R.N. Cadet.
1/1/1932 Midshipman
March 1934, Acting Sub. Lt.
16/11/1935 Sub-Lieutenant.
16/11/1937 Acting Lt. Cmdr.
16/11/1945 Lieutenant Commander.
31/12/1949 Commander.
Postings, etc.
13/9/1936 att. R.A.F. as T/Flying Officer, Fleet Air Arm.
Sept.1939-May 1940, Pilot, 821 Sqd. (Swordfish) H.M.S. Ark Royal, searching for U-Boats and Raiders in the North and South Atlantic.
May-Dec. 1940; with 821 Sqd. at Evanton, Ross-shire, and Hatston, Orkneys, in anti E- and U- Boat Patrols.
21st. June: took part in the attack on the Scharnhost with torpedoes from the Orkneys; Mentioned in Despatches.
Dec. 1940-Mar. 1941, 782 Sqd. on communications.
1/4/1941 to 832 Sqd. (Albacores) as Senior Pilot on formation at Lee on Solent; then to Machrihanish 29th. May. 14/8/1941-1/4/1942, with 832 Sqd. to H.M.S. Victorious (operating from Sapa and Iceland). 9/3/1942, torpedo attack on the "Tirpitz".
1/4/1942-Jan.1943; to 785 Sqd. at Crail, Fife, as Flying Instructor, Torpedo Training School he was OC Sqd. for the last month of this posting.
Jan. 1943 to U.S.A. at Quobset Point, Rhode Island until the end of Feb., then to San Francisco where he joined H.M.S. Striker which was building there at Lt. Cmdr (Flying), the senior air officer on board.
July 1943-Oct. 1944, U.K. on North Atlantic and Russian Convoys.
1/11/1944-Aug. 1946, to Easthaven, Amgus, as Chiefl Flying Instructor and 2 i/c of the station.
Aug-Sept. 1946, Staff Course, Combined Operations.
Oct.1946-Dec. 1947, to H.M.S. Veangeance (Deck Landing Training Carrier).
Dec. 1947-Mar. 1950, at Admiralty in the Director of Equipments Department.
Mar-Sept. 1950, R.N. Staff College Course.
Nov. 1950-May 1954, loaned to the Royal Australian Navy.
Jan. 1951-Jan. 1953, 2nd. in Command, R.A.N.A.S. Nowra.
Jan. 1953-May 1954, 2nd. in Command, H.M.A.S. Sydney; during which time the ship took part in the Coronation Review at Spithead (June 1953), and operations off Korea, Nov. 1953-Apr. 1954.
1/10/1954-19/11/1955, Staff Officer (Air) to R.A.N. Liaison Office, Australia House, London.
1/2/1956, to Admiralty, Air Warfare Dept; later Air Equipment Dept.
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