Almost every person with the surname “Hallowes” in their ancestry descends from John Hallowes of Glapwell (1729-1817). This database will eventually include them all, in both male and female lines.

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Compiler's Introduction

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My name is Giles Keith Armstrong (e mail:, and I have written this introduction. in order to invite participation in a genealogical project on which I am working.
The Project, which I have called “The Hallowes Genealogy” is to discover, identify and record the entire descent of my great-great-great grandparents, John Hallowes of Glapwell, Derbyshire, and his wife Louisa Martha, née Fatio, in both the male and female lines.
I have myself been accumulating data for this project for several years. At the start of 1996 two things happened; I joined the Internet, and I discovered the records of the late Doctor Lorton Alexander Wilson, (d. 1958), one of the most indefatigable genealogical researchers this century has produced (and incidentally the brother of Lord Moran, Sir Winston Churchill's personal physician), to whom I was very distantly related by marriage and who was also researching the Hallowes family and their connections. I have now incorporated all his material with mine in the form of HTML pages on a website which can be accessed through the Internet. New data is continually being added.
I hope that anyone anyone who thinks they have something to contribute, in particular anyone who is also descended from John and Martha, will get in touch with me. I am very anxious to enlarge on what are in many cases very bare facts indeed concerning a great number of the people entered in these pages in the earlier generations . Many will have led extremely vivid lives which may still strike chords of memory in those who knew them decades ago, yet all the Genealogy may now have to show of them is their dates of birth and death. Furthermore, the lives of John and Martha Hallowes, the progenitors, were highly active and interesting ones, in which many mysteries remain which would afford interesting research projects.
John Hallowes was the only one of five brothers to leave descendants, so almost everyone of the same surname, indeed anyone who has ancestors of that name in their family tree, is descended from him. When I began these researches I believed there were no other individuals of this name other than his descendants at all; I have now traced a very few (see Other Hallowes Families on Page One following) but by far the majority descend from the Hallowes of Glapwell.
When I started this project over ten years ago it was reasonably complete only down to the fourth generation of descent. Since then I have been in correspondance with scores of other Hallowes descendants, most of whom I have never met in the flesh, and as a result the fifth and sixth generations are now firmly established and the seventh is starting to take shape. Many of the contributors have their own websites, and we have exchanged links.
While this database would never have come into existance but for the Internet, a copy of the entire Genealogy has been lodged with the Society of Genealogists in London, and is being updated about once a year. While at present the copy is in the form of a floppy disc, I expect to be using the CD-ROM format in future.
These are the pages at present available:
1) The Progenitors: John and Martha Hallowes
2) The First Generation of Descent
3) The Second Generation of Descent
4) The Third Generation of Descent
5) The Fourth Generation of Descent
6) The Fifth Generation of Descent
7) The Sixth Generation of Descent
8) The Seventh Generation of Descent
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